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Digital Catalogues of manuscripts has 1250 manuscripts most of them in oriental language (Arabic, osmanic and persic), most of them are be copy by specialized calligrapher from Shkodra, Berati, Elbasani, Tirana etc. For their value we have to mean the Albanian manuscripts with Arabic alphabetic and the Konstandin Berati manuscripts with the canto part, religious poetry and two Greek Albanian dictionarys. The manuscripts have religious, historic, linguistics, literary etc contents. A great value has "munsheatët"” or krestomaci documentation (summary of the private letters and formally letters). In this catalogue are some manuscripts in western language such as "Albania Notizbücher"in 6 volumes from Franz Nopcsa albanolog and the Greek manuscripts about Shën Nikodhimin from Berati. A great part of them have gold ornamentals Mustafa Pasha mark from Shkodra.


Alphabetic Catalogue

Systematic Catalogue